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[ ** = HTI scientists to be in Attendance or Hosting]

** ICES Annual Science Conference
15-19 September 2014
A Coruña, SPAIN
Read Abstract #1
Read Abstract #2

Canadian Dam Assoc. Annual Conference
4-9 October 2014
Banff, Alberta CANADA

PowerGen Brasil
HydroVision Brazil

21-23 October 2014
Sao Paulo BRAZIL

** Delta Science Conf.
28-30 October 2014
Sacramento, CA USA

** Using Acoustic Tags for Tracking Fish
Acoustic Tag Short Course
5-6 February 2015
Seattle, WA USA

** Using Hydroacoustics for Fisheries Assessment
12-13 February 2015
Seattle, WA USA

AFS 2014 Conference Presentations   Now Online:
Conference Presentations & Poster from AFS 2014

Catch the presentations given by staff scientist, Andrew Drake at the 144th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting hosted in Quebec, Canada last month.

Predator/Prey Interaction: From Observed Behavior to Direct Measure

Real-Time 2-Dimensional Fish Tracking in the Tailrace of a Hydroelectric Dam

Using Hydroacoustic Techniques to Quantify Fish Populations in Shallow Riverine Environments: Rupert River 2007-2012 Spawning Cisco Abundance Studies

See Publications for more resources.
Use Acoustic Tag Systems
(Acoustic Telemetry) to:

  Use Hydroacoustic
Echo Sounders to:
Monitor Fish Survival & Passage

Detect Presence/Absence

Track Fish Behavior in 2D & 3D

Monitor Predator & Prey Behavior
  Conduct Fish Counts (Enumeration)

Detect P

Quantify Fish Entrainment

Monitor Spatial & Temporal Distribution
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