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Fisheries Acoustics Quarterly Summer 2016


3rd Int'l Conf. on Fisheries & Aquaculture 24-25 August 2016

AFS Annual Meeting
21-25 August 2016
Kansas City, KS USA

Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference
5-8 September 2016

The World of Trout
2-6 October 2016
Bozeman, MT USA

Bay-Delta Science Conference
15-17 November 2016
Sacramento, CA USA

19-23 September 2016
Monterey, CA USA

What's New: An Acoustic Tag Update  

What Was Once Impossible
Is Now Underway

Researchers are tracking and monitoring fish survival and behavior around the world in ways never done before. Here are just a few examples from the field:

USGS Discovers Invasive Asian Carp Respond Strongly to Carbon Dioxide

Fish In Space: Where the Fish Are & Why We Need to Know

Returning to the Scottish Highlands to Track Wrasse in Aquaculture Net-Pens

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Use Acoustic Tag Systems
(Acoustic Telemetry) to:
  Use Hydroacoustic
Echo Sounders to:

+ Monitor Fish Survival & Passage

+ Detect Presence/Absence
+ Track Fish Behavior in 2D & 3D
+ Detect Predation Events with PDAT
+ Conduct Fish Counts (Enumeration)
+ Detect P
+ Quantify Fish Entrainment

+ Monitor Spatial & Temporal Distribution

We can help you:
see fish behavior monitor fish survival
see fish behavior detect or count fish
see fish behavior see tutorials & techniques
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