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ISSUE #4   January 2009    
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  A Note from the President Dr. John Ehrenberg
Note from the President:  Here we are in the first week of January - many of us are wrapping up 2008 fisheries research reports and are gearing up for 2009 studies. This is an important year. Your fisheries research and our collective efforts have never been so important. With regions facing endangered species challenges, serious water allocation issues, and an economic downturn in play - our work can appear more than daunting. Which is why I say the key is in the collaboration.

Our work is recovering fisheries and making significant improvements in ecology. We are learning more about our environment, sharing data, and seeing signs that our recovery efforts are succeeding. See for yourself and get involved in a fisheries organization or network (e.g., American Fisheries Society). And HTI will be more involved too.

So, we’ll see you in the field - sleeves rolled up and ready to go to work. We look forward to continued collaboration with you
in 2009.
Equipment News: Announcing the New Acoustic Tag Buoy Data Logger
Top Seven Tips for Report Writing
Training Opportunities: Few Seats Left in February's Short Courses  
 Calendar of Events   Equipment News

Equipment News:
Announcing the New Acoustic Tag
Data Logger Buoy

State of the Salmon
      2-5 February 2009
      Vancouver BC, Canada

      Acoustic Tag Short Course
      5-6 February 2009
      Seattle, WA, USA

      Hydroacoustic Short Course
      12-13 February 2009
      Seattle, WA, USA

      AFS Oregon Division
      Annual Meeting
      25-27 February 2009
      Bend, OR, USA

      International Symposium
      and EFI+ Workshop
      30 March- 3 April 2009
      Hull, United Kingdom

HTI recently developed a cableless, solar powered, acoustic tag data logger buoy. The new Model 295B Acoustic Tag Data Logger was designed to withstand the rigorous hydraulic and high wind environment of the Columbia River.

Engineered into an unsinkable, foam filled small skiff, the buoy-based data logger doesn’t require cabling or shore-based electronics. It uses wireless data transmission, permitting real-time monitoring of the system’s status, as well as immediate notification of any system faults. The fiberglass deck provides easy access for servicing and keeps the electronics cool with a river-water air conditioning system.

The New Data Logger Buoy
 Fish Desktop Image
 of the Month
    Notes from an Expert

Notes from an Expert:
Top Seven Tips for
Report Writing

  For many of us, it is near the end of the Report Writing Season. Many researchers are concluding seasonal fisheries studies and finalizing revisions. If this resonates with you, here are some thoughts to consider for your reports.
  To submit an image for future "FDI of the month" consideration, email us.  

Do you have tips that might help make fisheries biologists lives easier when summing up their studies? Great! What are they? Email me and the best tip will get an HTI Columbia Fleece jacket, second place wins the highly coveted HTI Rite-in-the-Rain notebook.

Happy New Year to everyone and best of luck with your writing!


Training Opportunities: Few Seats Left

  Bright ideas, time, integrated learning, very cool fish.

Featurette: Getting to Know HTI

  Sam Johnston on Swift Dam on the Lewis River (North Fork), Washington.
    On his way to Antarctica  
Your Fisheries Questions - Answered
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