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HTI’s AcousticTag Software is configured to fit your projects’ objectives. During data collection, it communicates with your
Model 290-series Acoustic Tag Receiver (ATR), which can receive tag data from up to 16 separate hydrophones. The received signals are synchronized in order to recover time of arrival for each detected pulse (see conceptual ping illustration). The arrival times of the transmitted signal pulses are used to calculate the 3D location of the acoustic tag passing through the hydrophone array. Other configurations may allow post-processing to be conducted for up to 30 hydrophones in an array.
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User interface for setting data collection parameters in
Model 290-series Receivers
Effective tool for managing data collection, as well as post-processing tools for 3D positioning.
Provides 3D perspectives for any given track.
All file types can be stored in a database (local or remote) and can be exported to ASCII text files.
Another way to think about data progression.
Data Progression for 3D Fish Tracking
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