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Proper and periodic calibration of hydroacoustic equipment in the lab and field is vitally important for quantitative estimation of fish parameters. Calibration can be as simple as using a repeatable
gain setting on the chart recorder or as complicated as having the transducer calibrated in an acoustic laboratory.

Calibration provides the user with information regarding the output power and receiving sensitivity of the complete acoustic system. In essence, calibration assures that an echo produced by a target of known acoustic size, while passing through the axis of the acoustic beam, will produce a known output voltage at the receiver portion of the echo sounder.

HTI's calibration barge, Impulse, is the only one of its kind on the West Coast. This recently upgraded facility is equipped with HTI's advanced calibration electronics and software, and can fully calibrate split-beam, dual-beam, and single-beam hydroacoustic systems from 38 kHz to 1 MHz.

  Calibration Service for Echo Sounder Hydroacoustic Equipment

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Key Features of Calibration Services  
  Wide range of frequencies supported.
  The only facility of its kind on the west coast.
  Capable of calibrating non-HTI hydroacoustic systems.

Upon completion of your calibration order, you’ll be supplied with a calibration report comprised of tables and graphs describing the calibrated transducer, including beam plots. For more information, email us or click to order a calibration.

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