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Q. How long does it take to get an acoustic tag tracking system?
A: It varies. If a system is available (on the shelf) and simply needs to be prepared for your project, equipment can be shipped out the same week. If your system needs to be built, that means there are several factors that play into turn-around time - such as parts availability, the time of year, and HTI's production schedule - which could take up to 4 months in some cases. It’s best to contact HTI as soon as you’re considering a system, and lead time can be quickly assessed for you.

Q: How much time should I plan ahead if I need to order 1,000 or more tags?
A: If you need more than 1,000 tags, depending on HTI's production cycle, it could take up to 5 months to fill your order. Even though all of our tags are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house, several of the parts we design are sourced from outside specialists (e.g. miniature circuit boards). When ordering tags, it’s good to think ahead. It’s best to contact HTI as soon as you’re considering a large acoustic tag order so that delivery can be quickly projected for you.

Q: Where can I check for new HTI software upgrades?
A: The latest upgrades can be found on the software upgrades page on this website. You can also sign up   
for updates so that when a new update comes out, you’ll receive an email update with a link to the Software Upgrades page. And, of course, you can always contact HTI via email or at 206.633.3383 to talk with our software department if your software version is unique to your specific application.

Q: Why do I need an HTI hardware key for EchoScape?
A: EchoScape requires an HTI Hardware Key to be connected to the computer (USB or parallel port) in order to run in “active” mode. If the hardware key is not present, the application will then run in “demonstration” mode with limited capability. A hardware key is a safety measure so that the software cannot be pirated, however, more importantly, it ensures that each authorized customer has complete access to tech support,
if ever and whenever it’s needed.

Q: How do I use my hardware key?
A: Connect the supplied HTI hardware key to the USB port or the parallel port of the computer. The first time the application is started you may receive the following message:

“HTI Hardware Key not present. Connect Hardware key to USB or parallel port. Select ‘Yes’ when ready, or ‘No’ to continue in demo mode.”

If this is the case, first check the hardware key connection and verify the correct hardware key is being used (if more than one key was supplied). Then select the ‘Yes’.

If the above message is displayed again, select ‘No’ and quit the application. You may need to install the software driver required to communicate with the hardware key. To install the software driver, run the setup program called SentinelPro - which will be found in the subfolder where you have installed the EchoScape application on your hard drive. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, email us or call (206) 633-3383 and we will walk you through the set-up.

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