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> What does HTI's hydroacoustic software accomplish?

EchoScape Software

 If you need to configure your Split-Beam System for your project's objectives or   you’re ready to delve into data results, HTI’s hydroacoustic software DEP and   EchoScape, are the scientific tools to make it happen.

   HTI’s hydroacoustic software consists of two programs specifically
    developed for efficient system configuration and advanced post-processing     analysis. The first, DEP, is hydroacoustic equipment customization made      easy. The second, EchoScape, facilitates all basic analysis. If you need to      count fish, track fish, know direction of travel or travel times, EchoScape does      that, too - which is another reason why EchoScape has become the scientific    standard for acoustic surveys worldwide. See the flow of hydroacoustic
  data below.

Digital Echo Processing Data Collection Software EchoScape Post-Processing Software    
  DEP Data Collection Application   EchoScape Post-Processing Application
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