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Our scientific research and technological development center around our customers' priorities and our determination to advance fisheries acoustics techniques. We are fortunate to work with fisheries experts
from government agencies, universities, and other organizations around the world that help us build an
R+D agenda that continues to push next-generation research tools and increase value for our customers.
And if you'd like to get a glimpse of what's coming next, find out.

There are several substantial factors why our R+D department is vital for our business and significant
to the sciences of fisheries research. Learn about how the key factors benefit fisheries research, HTI, and our customers below.

Innovation + New Possibilities
Our R+D Department encourages customer input and queries on hardware and software design. In many cases, new features in our products are direct results of customer ideas and suggestions. And because our design, engineering, manufacturing, and consulting departments are based out of one central location, requested modifications are far less complicated and the potential for innovation is increased.
Direct Communication
Clients can communicate directly with HTI hardware and software engineers concerning current or future systems and features. There is no "go between" contacts for our clients - they are able to get to the sources, fast and efficiently.
Quick Response to Inquiries
In most cases, a customer's inquiry can be addressed and the customer's system updated the very same day via e-mail, by modem using the Remote Operation feature within the Model 240-Series Echo Sounders, or by satellite communication.
Long-term Continuity
Our Managing Owners and R+D Department work together to optimize planning and research implementation for both our short-term and long-term goals.
We are Our Customers, Too
Our Consulting Division also plays an important role in the development of current and future products. Like our customers, HTI scientists use HTI systems - they too are out in the field employing HTI technologies in major fisheries studies.
Remote System Diagnostics
Our R+D Department uses the most advanced hardware available on the market. One example: with the Remote Operation feature of Model 240-series Echo Sounders HTI scientists can diagnose an HTI echo sounder located anywhere in the world, from their test bench at HTI's Seattle office.
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