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> What does HTI’s Acoustic Tag software do?

AcousticTag Software Suite

If your goal is to address fixed-location tracking (e.g., observing horizontal  distribution, or monitoring migrating fish in lakes, open rivers, or at   hydropower dams,) or distinguishing travel times and survival information,    the Acoustic Tag Software Suite (ATS Suite) accomplishes just that.
    That said, the ATS Suite has become the standard for versatility and

      The ATS Suite contain HTI's three acoustic tag components,       (AcousticTag, MarkTags, and TagProgrammer). All components are       bundled up into one dynamic package designed for fisheries and other
     biological research. The ATS Suite is regarded as a breakthrough
    in the science of fisheries research, offering an affordable means   
   to track fish in 3D with sub-meter accuracy. To better understand
the flow of data, see below.

AcousticTag Software AcousticTag Data Collection Application
  Details for AcousticTag Software  
MarkTags Data Marking Application
MarkTags Software
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AcousticTag for Post-Processing 3D Tracking Application
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