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HTI’s TagProgrammer Software does just that; it programs acoustic tags. Model 795 Acoustic Tags are NOT pre-programmed. The user gets to configure tag operating parameters prior to the study. And since acoustic tags all have a finite shelf life and a finite operational life, TagProgrammer allows users to turn tags on when they are ready for use and turn them off when they're not.

To program a Model 795 Acoustic Tag requires a computer installed with the TagProgrammer Software, and a supplied serial cable that connects the computer to the programmer. We also recommend having an oscilloscope to verify and measure the programmed state of the tag.

TagProgrammer is a Windows™-based application that gives users control to set the pulse width and period (among other options) to best suit a projects’ needs.


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Key Features  
Configuration versatility provides a wide variety of settings to best suit each project (from standard survival studies to detailed behavioral studies).
Model 795 Acoustic Tags are programmable by the user (not by manufacturer), creating more versatility and longer battery life.
Capability of selecting from pre-defined tag settings, making it easy for researchers and field technicians to be on the same page.
Records a history of tag programming sessions.
Capable of programming Model 795 Acoustic Tags while inside fish. (See Model 491 In-Fish Acoustic Tag
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