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On-Site or Online

Quickly improve your fisheries evaluation skills by attending a course in-person conducted by HTI and hosted at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington, or now online.

We offer a semi-annual opportunity to prepare for projects with 2-day intensive short courses.

Whether you are new to acoustics or are a seasoned professional, we cater to all levels of experience. HTI training sessions have been presented in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

For 2018 we will be offering a 3-day hybrid short course, combining topics from our Hydroacoustics and Acoustic Tag short courses on March 14-16. Check out the agenda here.

Courses previously available:
Using Acoustic Tags for Tracking Fish
University of Washington, Seattle or Online

Using Hydroacoustics for Fisheries Assessment

University of Washington, Seattle or Online

Courses Now Available OnlineAcoustic Tag Short Course  
Hydroacoustic Echosounder Short Course
On-Site Training Short Course
Tuition Rates
On-Site Course: US$ 300
Offer On-Site Only: US$ 150
Online Course: US$ 200

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Compare Attending On-Site vs. Online
While in-class focus and in-person interaction are still ideal, there are many benefits to attending a course online.

Compare the Benefits of Attending a Short Course On-Site Online
Save on Travel Expenses (e.g., Transportation, Lodging) Not Applicable Applicable
Receive a Printed Short Course Manual
Applicable Applicable
Ask Questions During Class Applicable Applicable
Take Advantage of One-on-One Time with Course Instructors Applicable Not Applicable
Request Application-Specific Research Recommendations Applicable Applicable

Attend a Live, Hands-on Acoustic Tag Tracking Demo
(HTI Tag-Drag© on the Lake Washington Ship Canal) or the
Hydroacoucstic Mobile Survey on the R/V Kittiwake on Lake Union

Applicable Not Applicable
Special Offer for Reduced Tuition Rate for Non-Profits, Tribal Organizations,
& University Students/Staff
Applicable Not Applicable
Get to Know Your Course Instructors & Fellow Students in Person at the Meet & Greet Hosted by HTI at Ivar's on Lake Union the Night Before Courses Begin Applicable Not Applicable
Connect with Fellow Fisheries Researchers Conducting Related Studies All Over the World Applicable Not Applicable

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