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> Advanced Tools for Fisheries Research

    HTI manufactures hydroacoustic (sonar) fisheries research equipment, specializing in acoustic tags, acoustic
    tag receivers and active hydroacoustic systems. We also conduct hydroacoustic research in oceans,
    lakes, and rivers, and at hydropower dams, estuaries, shipping locks, or anywhere an accurate
    assessment of fish abundance or behavior is required. We can help you with:

  Acoustic Tags, Receivers, and Data Loggers   Acoustic Tags, Receivers, and Data Loggers
Split-Beam Hydroacoustic Echo Sounder Systems   Split-Beam Hydroacoustic Systems (Echo Sounders)
Consulting   Consulting
Short Courses / Training   Short Courses / Training / Workshops
Dependable Support   24/7 Customer Support
    We’re committed to our clients, their work, our people, and to innovation. And with that, our team of
    scientists, engineers, and technical personnel continue to provide world-class tools for fisheries research.

> Pioneering Hydroacoustic Technology


    HTI engineers and biologists pioneered acoustic tag and hydroacoustic equipment designs, research     applications, and data collection and analysis techniques. HTI's senior scientists each have
    15-30 years of experience in hydroacoustics, and have authored hundreds of technical reports
    and publications on the topic. Our creative approach and diverse background in the use of
    hydroacoustics enables us to develop novel solutions to fisheries evaluation challenges.
    HTI offers a wealth of experience and technology all built on the principles of sound.

> Leading Research Technology in Acoustic Telemetry & Hydroacoustics

    HTI’s motivated staff of technical and administrative personnel supports all HTI and client project
    operations, in locations as diverse as Alaska, New York City, Finland, New Caledonia, Brunei, New Zealand,     and the UK. HTI’s consulting team has completed hundreds of assessments across the globe.

    We work with world leaders in fisheries research and management.  A couple of examples include:

  United States   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  
Canada   Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
United Kingdom   The Environment Agency (United Kingdom)
Finland   Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute 
Japan   Japanese Public Works Research Institute
United States   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  
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